Welcome to my website! My name is Camila Correa, I am a NWO-Veni fellow working at the University of Amsterdam. My current projects include

Creating new scheme for self-interacting dark matter in the code swift. The goal is to understand the nature of the dark matter particle and its signature on the galaxy formation process. To this end I am creating cosmological simulations of galaxy formation with self-interacting dark matter. See recent paper on this project.

I have been designing various state-of-the-art algorithms to produce the next generation of cosmological simulations of galaxy formation as member of the COLIBRE collaboration (PI Prof. Joop Schaye). I have been focusing in the production and mixing of metals, including heavy elements such as barium and europium.

I am currently analysing the dependence of the galaxy stellar-to-halo mass relation on galaxy morphology. I have been using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7 with morphological classifications from Galaxy Zoo, and comparing with the EAGLE cosmological simulation, to draw a coherent physical picture of the different evolutionary paths of discs and ellipticals. I have also been exploring possible scenarios of galaxies undergoing morphological transformation and quenching. See recent papers on the stellar-to-halo mass relation and galaxy quenching.

In this website you can learn about my research, checkout my CV, and also visit the news section to find out about my latest news! In case of questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me.