Welcome to my website! My name is Camila Correa, I am a NWO-Veni fellow working at the University of Amsterdam

My expertise lies in the development and analysis of cosmological simulations. These are state-of-the-art techniques in cosmological studies due to their tremendous power to reproduce the visible Universe. I am leading the TangoSIDM project, a simulation series project that was awarded computing time by the DECI/PRACE European Network of Super Computing. The new dataset of cosmological simulations focuses on self-interacting dark matter. The goal of this project is to investigate whether the diverse central dark matter concentration in nearby galaxies is produced by interactions among dark matter particles. This is an ambitious task that has the potential to give insight into the nature of dark matter.

I have explored various areas of galaxy formation physics, from galaxy morphology, galactic quenching mechanisms, to the evolution of the intergalactic medium. I belong to a large collaboration network called the EAGLE collaboration of cosmological simulations, formed by experts from the universities of Leiden (Netherlands) and Durham (UK). The goal of EAGLE is to produce the next generation of cosmological simulations, by improving not only in numerical resolution with respect to current efforts, but also by developing the most accurate modelling of the cold interstellar medium. For this project I have designed state-of-the-art algorithms of galaxy enrichment that deal with the production and distribution of metals within galaxies. We have been awarded 50M CPU-hours by the PRACE Network (PI. Joop Schaye), these simulation series are currently in production.

In this website you can learn about my research, checkout my CV, and also visit the news section to find out about my latest news! In case of questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me.

Acknowledgement: Front picture courtesy of photographer Liesbeth Dingemans and Institute of Physics/UvA Amsterdam.